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Wholeness in Christ Ministries is committed to offering discipleship and spiritual growth materials online at no charge to help equip the body of Christ for love and good deeds.

Reverend Norm Morrison, MDiv

​I served as a Pastor at three churches, one in each of the three western Canadian provinces. Over the years, I have also worked as an English teacher, radio/TV newsman and writer, as well as a consultant in team-building and staff development. I am now adapting my most popular Christian-based seminars, workshops and Bible study materials to an online and audio format, and will present the following materials free of charge.


Heal Your Life

Life is full of hurts, regrets, wounds, betrayals, and disappointments. You cannot avoid it. This online workshop addresses the whole person—body, soul and spirit—to help you enter into the fullness of life Christ has for you. Building on the solid foundation of God’s truth, we work with you in a safe and supportive environment to help you:

  •    Break free from the past and begin to build the future you truly want.

  •    Remove your spiritual blocks to let God’s power flood into your life.

  •    Win the greatest battle of all for Christians—the battle for your mind.

  •    Enjoy the abundant life of God-given joy, confidence and wholeness.                                                                                                                         See More

Polish Your Faith

People shine their shoes to make a good impression, and it's the same with your faith. Jesus said, “Let your light shine before others” (Matthew 5:16). You will want others to see your bright and shiny faith! But how do you do that?

Many Christians are discovering that the deeper they go into the gospel, the closer they get to God—and a shining faith. My book, Ask the Apostle: Faith-Building Conversations with Paul, is a fresh and innovative approach to plumbing the depths of God's life-changing gospel. I'm developing an audio series based on the book, and designed to help you put that shine on your faith! 

                                                                                                               See More

Let's Christian!

​ Through the centuries, Christians have led the charge for human dignity . . .

  • In Roman times they slipped out at night to provide a proper burial for bodies thrown into the fields.

  • During the Dark Ages they kept the light burning for studies in science, medicine, philosophy and art.

  • In the Industrial Age they brought children out of the mines and factories and into schools they had built.

Christians were noted for their care for orphans and widows, for the poor, the lame, and the blind. They set out food supplies for the hungry, homes for the homeless, care for the sick, and all kinds of support for those in need.

So, let’s just keep doing these things—and more, as the Holy Spirit leads us.

In other words, "Let’s Christian!"                                                      See More

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