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Wholeness in Christ Ministries is committed to the local church, bringing discipleship and spiritual growth seminars; building strong, focused staff and leadership teams; and helping to equip and unify your church body.

Reverend Norm Morrison, MDiv

I have served as a Pastor at three churches in each of the three western provinces. Over the years, I have also worked as an English teacher, radio/TV newsman and writer, as well as a consultant in team building and staff development. As a certified MBTI practitioner, I have had the opportunity to equip leaders and staff in churches, business, industry and government.


I've loved helping people grow—spiritually and professionally—and I would be delighted to bring my workshops, teachings and preaching to your church or Christian organization.


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Office: 250-888-3037

Fax: 778-426-0412

Pastors and Boards

As I work with churches, I am convinced that strong, united leaders make for strong churches.


I work with leadership team members to strengthen core team competencies and processes, such as making decisions and solving problems, while boosting team communication, building trust, and maximizing team strengths.


Workshop participants identify the expectations that team members have of each other, as well as recognizing key performance barriers and challenges, and they work as a team to develop ways to overcome these blockages.

Your Congregation

While your congregation is a body of believers, they aren't all at the same place spiritually.


As a certified MBTI® practitioner, I use my Celebrate the Differences workshop and spiritual practice applications to help people better understand themselves and others, strengthen their faith, and build unity in the church family. 


I also do pulpit fill, bringing messages that challenge and inspire people to go on to the next level in their spiritual lives—and more importantly—how to do it! People leave with fresh, practical, spiritual insights, and a renewed energy and resolve to apply them.

Ask the Apostle

Christians are discovering that the deeper they go into the gospel, the closer they get to God.

My book, Ask the Apostle: Faith-Building Conversations with Paul, is a fresh and innovative  approach to plumbing the depths of God's life-changing gospel, both individually and in a group setting.

The book lets the Bible speak for itself, asking the reader only to ‘cozy up and listen in’ as the apostle Paul and I explore gospel truths to better understand the death and resurrection of Christ and what it means for all of us. For reader comments on the book, click here.

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