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Having served as an Associate Pastor, an Executive Pastor, and a Lead Pastor, I have a keen sense of the needs in churches among both staff and the congregation … and a real desire to meet those needs in a practical, positive way!


I have also worked extensively as a corporate training and development consultant to business, industry and government.


Recognition of the vital truth that ‘organizations don’t change—people do’ is a key part of my success in equipping and strengthening numerous churches, businesses, and government departments.

Seminars we can offer you

Discipleship and Growth


Christ Can Heal Your Life!


God has given us all we need to live the abundant life Jesus promised. He wants us to experience wholeness in Christ now, in this life. 


Christ Can Heal Your Life! builds on the solid foundation of Biblical truth in a safe and supportive half-day seminar to help people: 

  • Break free from the past and begin to build the future they truly want.

  • Remove their spiritual blocks to let God’s power flood into their life.

  • Win the greatest battle of all for Christians—the battle for their mind.


The Bible says, “My people are perishing for lack of knowledge.” This workshop explores transforming gospel truths to help believers enjoy more of the abundant life of God-given joy, confidence and wholeness.


It introduces The SetPoint System – an exciting new strategy for personal transformation grounded in Biblical truths and principles. I also introduce and apply elements of my new book, Ask the Apostle: Faith-Building Conversations with Paul.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to experience more of Christ, to disciple or evangelize others, or just wants to dive deeper into the gospel!

Some of the comments we’ve received:


"Again, thank you for this course. It was most helpful and insightful. You are a wonderful teacher and the interaction that happens is very cool. The things you get us to do and think of are brilliant.”

“I learned more about forgiveness and about ‘tapping into’ God’s power through the Word and prayer, and taking every thought into captivity. I have grown closer to Christ as a result and become more usable in his hands. God bless you—He has used you more than you’ll ever know.”


“The Lord bless you in your ministry. I know you will be, and have been, used by the Lord to love and touch and change many peoples’ lives. Keep it up—this world is desperate for people like you.”


“Thank you for recommending I take this course. I absolutely love the solid teaching that does not require any hokey analyzing.”


“I think Norm has awesome ways of encouraging people to get out of their ruts and cling to Jesus. He is very direct and to the point, which is what I like.”


“I saw your faith, Norm and the gospel and Jesus became real to me … I loved the humor and the simplicity of the message.”


“Everybody needs this—even though many may deny it.”


“Norm you made these sessions humorous and thoughtful and full of faith in God.”


“I began to see that I have been instrumental in my ongoing struggles … thank you Norm, it is always a delight to hear you share, and your energy and love for the Lord lifts my spirits.”


“It has been a pleasure having Norm heading up the program—with humor and his obvious love for Christ, I feel God is using him greatly in teaching the Word.”


“I always feel so good in my heart at the end of each class.”

Build a Leadership Team


Teambuilding PLUS

The Teambuilding PLUS workshop uses  proven team dynamic theory to build both task and relationship skills. The PLUS is the Holy Spirit's leading and empowering.

We work with team members to:

  • Develop strategy, purpose and values.

  • Define roles, responsibilities and expectations.

  • Assess team opportunities and risks. 

  • Strengthen their leadership skills. 


The one-day program also develops core team competencies and processes, such as problem solving and strategic planning, while building trust and boosting team communication, as well as developing individual and team strengths.

The course includes essential team skills such as:

  • Five conflict resolution modes to deal quickly with team issues.

  • How to present and manage changes within the team and the church.

  • Six decision-making alternatives and when and how to use them.

A valuable outcome is the high-level commitment made to the team and the personal action plan that is freely obtained from team members at the conclusion of the program. The result is a strong, focused, high-performance team. 

Some of the feedback we've received:


"The day was a phenomenal time of learning for all of us. Your seminar gives people the tools to first of all understand themselves and then to understand others.

I enjoyed the fast-paced, engaging and inter-active strategies that you productively employed throughout the seminar … he results produced were unexpected for a one-day seminar. I highly recommend this to any organization. I also highly recommend your wise insight into how to apply this transformational program within the church.”

           —Board Chair, Celebration Church

"Norm, you have been an excellent advisor and counselor to our leadership team here at Heritage Alliance Church. Thank you for inspiring me and God’s people through a vision. You have transformed me as a leader.”

    —Lead Pastor, Heritage Alliance Church

“In one short workshop, we learned more about team dynamics and how each of us contributes than we did from the numerous other team building seminars we have participated in. In addition to providing an excellent teambuilding opportunity, it has given me a great deal of insight into how to manage my diverse group.”

  —Director, Social Services Department


“The seminar was a great way for us to kick off our campaign with an upbeat, motivated team ready to face the challenge ahead.”

          —Director, United Way Campaign

“We appreciated the fun, energetic and informative time spent with you. We began as ten people from different departments. 

At the end, we emerged as a highly productive team ready and willing to take on any task. Our team highly recommends your session.”

 —Team Leader, Saskatchewan WCB

“I can't tell you how much we enjoyed our team building session and how truly valuable it has been to the success of our project and our team. It provided a strong foundation for our team, and no one on the ‘Dream Team’ wants to disband."

        —Project Team Leader, SaskPower

Unity in the Church Body 


Celebrate the Differences


This half-day workshop presents an entertaining, memorable, and positive experience of the differences between people, based on personality type.

Celebrate the Differences provides fresh, exciting insights into how God has created us in unique and different ways. We look at the implications for our spiritual life and practices based on our individuality, as well as practical tips to strengthen relationships.

People can apply this new information to enrich their spiritual life … and just as importantly, to accept and respect the needs and perspectives of others. 

The consistent results are:

  • A greater understanding of yourself and others.

  • Improved communications skills.

  • The ability to reduce conflict.


Thus, this deeper understanding of our own self and others contributes to our personal spiritual growth and to a greater sense of unity in the church body. 


An upbeat, positive, and fun experience for all, participants come away refreshed and eager to apply the principles and skills they learned to build bridges of acceptance and understanding at home, church, and work.


A sampling of the hundreds of reviews from delighted workshop attendees:

"You helped me understand (and accept) my need for more structured spiritual disciplines—thank you!"


"This was the most interesting seminar I have ever attended."

"I always felt I wasn't getting enough private time to read and reflect on my Bible—now I know why. Thanks Norm!"


"Presentation is excellent—everyone felt ‘safe’."

"Using the MBTI, I can be more patient and understanding of myself and others."

"Good work, Norm. I enjoyed and learned—what a combo!"

"I cannot recall a seminar that has had such a positive effect on my staff."

"I thought you might like to know that of the many seminars our group has attended, none has prompted as many positive comments as the seminar you presented to us. Even the notoriously 'hard cases' in the group were impressed."

"I love to pray, but this helped me see why I mostly prefer praying alone rather than in a group."

“Knowing the personality types builds tolerance and understanding of others.”

"I used to feel guilty about all my great social interactions around my faith instead of spending 'God-time' alone, but now I see that’s the way God put me together."

“This was by far the best course I have ever attended. It was a refreshing change of pace.”

"I am still receiving glowing reports from my people on everything from your exceptional insights to your positive approach and good humor. The session was one of rare high interest and I'll recommend it again and again."

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