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Frequently asked questions


If there's one thing we get, it's questions! These are some of the most common ones. If you have a question you don't see here, just email it to us. We'll answer right away, and who knows … if it becomes a popular one, it might just make it to this page!

Are there other applications for your seminars?
Answer: Churches have used my Celebrate the Differences seminar as a special Valentine’s Day event for couples in their church family and as a ministry outreach event—with tremendous success. Many churches have also used it to mobilize volunteers by helping them to know and understand their unique strengths to move confidently into ministry.

Can you do your seminars at retreats and family camps?

Answer: I have presented my workshops at retreats and family camps—a perfect venue for them. And I should mention that the youth thoroughly enjoy the sessions which not only helped them better understand themselves and their friends, it also helped them understand their family!

Do you still do work for private business and government?

Answer: I do continue to offer my seminars to organizations, businesses, corporations and governments. The skill sets and principles of team building and personality type are transferable, and they can help managers and staff enhance their approaches to organizational change, communication, inter-personal relations, team building and leadership training.

What are the costs?
Answer: The costs associated with my seminars vary based on the needs of your group. I keep the seminar and workshop costs as low as possible. I am always available to discuss the the possibilities of what will work best for you, and I hope you won't hesitate to contact me!
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