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Building A Faith You Can Live By

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The Podcast
Heal Your Life


"You can't give what you don't got!"


Bad grammar—good truth!

Are you living like a child of the King . . . or as a pauper in the King’s world?


Are you enjoying a sumptuous feast . . . or are you enduring a spiritual famine?


God wants you to experience Wholeness in Christ right now, in this life.


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Polish Your Faith

Yes, there is no doubt about it--you do have faith.
It's a fact!

But the other fact is  . . .
Your faith can get scuffed, scraped, dirty and dulled in everyday life, just like your shoes do. And your faith needs to be shined up, just like your shoes do.

​Keeping your faith shining and bright is an ongoing process, building shine upon shine, and faith upon faith.


Let's Christian!


Your faith is growing . . . Now just live it out!

For more than 2000 years the accounts of Christians living out their faith have echoed and reverberated down through the long halls of history.

And the records and accounts of their actions and faith-filled deeds can still stir us today—to inspire others tomorrow.

Let's keep it going... 

​Let's Christian!



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